Type O2 "Achil" & O2

Both based on the standard O2 pattern with 9mm diameter raised holes & 5mm diameter depressed holes. The O2 "Achil" benefits from a rolled front/rear edge that both increases strength and protects the Achilles tendon by preventing footwear from catching in use. The O2 has the same pattern but does not come with the rolled edges.

Type "O2 Achil" is available in Galvanised Steel standard stock sizes. Type "O2" is available in Stainless Steel stock sizes or bespoke in either material. 


Galvanised Carbon Steel & Stainless Steel Grade 1.4301 (304)


Industrial, commercial & private staircases. The O2 Achil can also be used to make small landings on straight flights, by utilising standard sizes to suit the area. 


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